1 in 10 people 65 and older in the U.S.
have dementia. 

52.9 Million 
Americans Affected

Brain diseases are closely connected to heart health.

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I have been working with Dr. Harrison for a little over a month and have already experienced very positive changes! My brain fog is lessening, my energy has increased significantly and my stomach issues are so much better. Dr Harrison is incredibly knowledgeable and explains things so I can understand the why and how. Having him walk along side me during this healing process is very encouraging and I’m so thankful to finally find someone who can help me after 30 plus years of health problems.

Kristina Carson

Client Testimonials 

Before going to Dr. Harrison, I was fatigued/exhausted, frustrated with gradual weight loss after having a baby (2.5 years ago) and massive brain fog. I was struggling to focus on my work, my family and bettering myself, and trying to just make it through the day. I would wake up feeling like I had not slept at all and not truly feeling myself. After 3 months of working with the Center of Functional Medicine, I have my energy back, I have lost 15 lbs (the baby weight and then some) and find my focus and attention have greatly improved. I continue down the path we created with healthy food, supplements, and exercise that fit my life. I am grateful for being able to work with Dr. Harrison and creating these results in my life. I would highly recommend the Center of Functional Medicine!

Carry Thrall