80% of your Immune System Lives in your
digestive system 

Many hormone and mental health related conditions begin within the gut-brain connection.

The gut-brain connection is linked to depression, anxiety, autism, fatigue, brain fog, autoimmune and other inflammatory conditions.

Symptoms of Poor Gut Health 

  • Constant Vomiting or Regular Diarrhea
  • Appetite Changes
  • Flatulence
  • Bloody Stool or Excess Mucus
  • Constipation
  • Rapid Weightloss
  • Persistent or Regualr Abdominal Pain

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After years of stomach issues, brain fog, low immune system, ibs flare ups and feeling hopeless after several endoscopy’s and colonoscopy’s and no answers other than I was “fine” I found Dr. Harrison. Immediately I felt kindness and felt I was being heard and action was taken right away. I finally feel normal and healthy again. It’s a journey and it is not an overnight fix, however it’s worth the time. My immune system is better, no flare ups, no bathroom issues and there’s been lots of victories along the way. I also learned about my hormones on this journey and connected many dots on my condition . It feels good being healed and heard ! I cannot thank him enough!

Megan Denece

My 4-year-old son Jackson has been from doctor to doctor, has had surgeries and tons of tests and procedures done, been in and out of hospitals, and has been on large lists of medications for GERD, asthma, sleep apnea, and constantly on antibiotics for recurrent infections, but yet no one could give us any definite answers on where to go or what to do. He hadn’t gained weight for a year and a half, was eating small amounts of food, wasn’t getting much sleep, had bone pain, stomach aches every day, and was just always feeling sick.

It was the most heartbreaking thing to see my child going through all of this and not being able to fix it or take it away. His blood work has always shown that he was low in nutrients and showed dehydration no matter how much he drank or how much he ate. his body just wasn’t absorbing it and none of the doctors knew what to do other than put him on something to mask the symptoms and hope in time he would grow out of all of it. Over 4 years of constant illness and going downhill the doctors were out of ideas.

I cannot speak highly enough of what Dr. Harrison has done for Jackson and me. Dr. Harrison cares very deeply about all of his patients and is very passionate about his field of practice. In 4 years my son and I have had nothing but bad news and heartbreak and now we finally have hope and a sense of direction and I have my happy, energetic boy back.

Ashley Jackson

Client Testimonials 

I came to Dr. Harrison after being told I needed my gall bladder removed. I had been experiencing 6 months worth of occasional painful gall bladder attacks. I was referred to a surgeon who wanted me to have my gall bladder removed, but my daughter from Colorado stopped me and said I MUST contact this Functional Medical Doctor in the Denver area (I am from Michigan). I had a call with him and he shared that he felt he would be able to help me out. I figured, what have I got to lose. Fast forward to the present, and I have had ZERO attacks in 5 months. After some bloodwork, we found there were other digestive issues in my body that we are now working on. These digestive issues have probably been going on for many years after looking back at my life, and the gall bladder was the "weak point" in my body that it chose to attack. I have had a lifetime of high cholesterol which is continually been going down every month because of Dr. Harrison's program. I have also had chronic headaches since a life threatening car accident 5 years ago. I have gone from 3-4/weekly to 2-4/monthly. Our goal is ZERO. :-)
Everything Dr. Harrison does is natural and makes so much sense. Mainstream medicine always wants to prescribe a pill or surgery, but Dr. Harrison works with you naturally and really cares about you succeeding and getting better.

Cindy Meiste